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Bula Studio Offers stunning design at an affordable price, So have a look around and when your ready get a quote or contact us.

Why we are Bula Studio

Bula Bula my friends. Say it. Just once, maybe twice. It is hard to say the words without a smile immediately parting from your lips. Go ahead…try it. The word is heard everywhere in Fiji. Bula originates from the Fijian culture and means anything from hello, goodbye, welcome, love and more. It means LIFE. A blessing of health and happiness. Regardless of where you live; the concrete urban jungle, down under or near the north pole…you do not have to be in Fiji to celebrate LIFE. Enjoy how one simple word can transform your entire day. Bula blessings to you!

Shaping the future

Bula Studio is a small design and development company is a WordPress design and development company thats focuses on the client and what they want. We will make it as affordable as possible to fit your needs and desires.


We can manage and create facebook, Google, and Instagram for you.


We have some of the richest design and ideas out there.

Dev System

Bula Studio has a amazing development system that we use called (The 6D Process)

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We are a very creative design/development studio.

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We are good with ads and development marketing strategies 

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our support team is amazing you email and we get rite back to you with in hours.

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